Appointments & Results

Our doctors are committed to providing you with the very best care.

Our doctors are not able to provide prescriptions, medical certificates, referrals or any other documentation without a doctor’s appointment.

Results will not be discussed over the phone. This is to protect your privacy, and to provide you with follow up care.

Please make an appointment to follow up test results with your doctor.

Fees & Billing

We bulk bill most consultations except for medical consultations related to work injury and motor vehicle accident. Some procedures, wound dressings and prescriptions are charged privately.

The fee charged for procedures are subject to discussion between the patient and the treating doctor.

Medical examinations required for recreational, pre-employment or special driving licence cannot be bulk billed. These are charged privately.

Fees will be charged if an appointment is missed or cancelled without providing three hours notice of cancellation for that appointment. Fees must be paid before a further appointment can be made.

Medical Assessments

Extended medical assessments are offered once a year to elderly patients over the age of 75 to determine their medical and paramedical needs.


Vaccinations are routinely administered to children through the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register. Travel and other vaccinations are available for adults and we also offer the Gardasil vaccination program for the prevention of cervical cancer.

Preventative Medical Advice

Preventative medical advice will often be offered and “screening medical examinations” are recommended for patients who are interested in the early detection of serious medical conditions such as diabetes, asthma, cervical cancer )(by means of regular Pap Smears), mental health conditions, and other chronic medical conditions.


Fully supported.

Recently Renovated

Our clinic has ben recently renovated and includes disability access, secure staff entrance and custom-designed reception area designed to maximise information privacy.

Fully Computerised

Administrative and clinical functions are fully computerised. Our software enables recording of medical notes, prompts for recalls and reviews, registers, and storing incoming radiology imaging & pathology reports as well as letters from other doctors. Our clinic adheres to the highest standards in security of storage and transmission of health records.

Privacy & Confidentiality

We maintain full confidentiality of our patient’s medical records and as such it is the policy of the clinic not to release any patient information or clinical results to patients over the phone. It is important that the doctor discuss the results of an investigations with the patient on a face to face basis, so that any questions can be addressed properly.

Your Personal Information

In order that we may contact you, please ensure that we have your current telephone number and address, and also contact details of a friend or relative in case of an emergency.

If you have a new or an updated Medicare Card, please present it to the receptionist so that it can be recorded for bulk billing purposes.

Please note that we cannot bulk billing patients with an invalid or expired Medicare Card.